Meet Nancy

Nancy Elaine Grigsby (Myers)
In Loving Memory (1958 – 2016)

This woman.

She had a way with words. She could make you laugh with one of her real life (potentially embellished ?) stories and lift the mood in every room.

She was wise. She could help you see the other side of a sticky situation without making you feel stuck. Her words were laced with hope … just like her own battle with cancer, she never gave up on people and helping them in their struggle.

She was a class act net-worker. She brought people together with different backgrounds and personalities to effect change in the world. She could be the center of attention in a room without trying, because she made the room revolve around everyone else.

She was the Queen and The Worker Bee. She went out of her way, drove hundreds of miles, stayed up late hours and accomplished more in a day than most people do in a week. She never missed church or a mission trip (including the zip line) or speaking wherever and whenever asked or Auburn football or annual college friend trips or Kimmel or bunko or late night walks. She never missed teaching her ladies Bible Study. She made memories and spent time with Bill, Taylor and Parker plus other family and friends as if there were no tomorrow. She cared for her patients like they were family. It wasn’t about tasks though she was good at completing them. It was always people. We marvel at how she fit us all in…but somehow she did.

Everyone who met Nancy felt an instant connection. And now we stand around and wonder how we will live in this world without this wonderful woman. And we will of course, but it’s only because everything she was about was everything Jesus. And then we know it will be okay. It will actually be more than okay…it will be forward thinking to a heavenly reunion with the most important person in Nancy’s life. Her priority was knowing Jesus and making Him known. Even in her death we see life, hope and the promise of heaven. The best is yet to come.