Meet Angie

Angie Dennis is the wife of Dr. Jay Dennis, senior pastor of First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland, Florida where they have served for over 15 years.

Angie felt God’s call on her life at a young age, actually in a G.A. group at her church, but wasn’t sure what the call looked like until she was in her Sophomore year at Ouachita Baptist University. An older, Godly professor recognized God’s call on her life, and told her that he felt that God had “called her” to be a pastor’s wife!! Wow – what a thought!! The very next year Angie met Jay, and as they say, “the rest is history” :)

For 25 years, Angie’s main focus was on raising Will and Emily. They are now “out of the nest” and Angie’s passion is women. Women of all sizes, shapes, colors and types – she loves them all! Angie is a breast cancer survivor and thanks the Lord daily for God’s healing.

Angie loves to speak to all kinds of women’s groups – MOPS groups, retreats, banquets, etc. Encouraging, equipping, and lifting up women is the goal.

Angie leads a Tuesday morning Bible study at her church, co-teaches a women’s Sunday School class, and teaches the New Member’s class. She also very happily serves on the Board of Trustee’s for the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes.

Some of Angie’s favorite topics are:

BIRTHMARKS OF A BELIEVER (Destroying the Demon of Doubt)
Do you have a birthmark on your arm, leg, neck? Have you ever thought about the fact that as a Christian, you have some VERY distinctive birthmarks? Maybe you are struggling with doubting your salvation – bless your heart!! I spent MANY decades in misery because of this. As I read 1 John, the Holy Spirit showed me 8 distinctive “birthmarks” that every Christian has in common. What peace and joy comes when you can see YOUR heavenly “birthmarks”. Let’s destroy that horrible doubt once and for all!!EXTRAVAGANT JOY – We need to laugh!! So much heaviness, anxiety around us today! Angie takes 3 hilarious situations she has experienced in ministry and adds Biblical principles at the end of each one. This talk includes holiness, the words that we speak, and our appearance, it even has a “surprise ending”.
EXTRAVAGANT LOVE – Do you want to love Jesus more? This session looks at the sinful woman who poured her most precious possession, a vial of costly perfume, on Jesus’ feet. We also look at Simon the Pharisee, who loved religion more than he loved Jesus. How do we separate the two? This talk looks at how to be sure we are not worshipping tradition, religion more than we are worshipping Christ.
EXTRAVAGANT THANKFULNESS – Have you ever wondered why the 9 lepers that Jesus healed never said “thank you”? Only one came back and showed his gratefulness to his healer. Interestingly enough, he was the only one that was SPIRITUALLY healed. In this talk, we look at the wonderful quality of thankfulness, how do cultivate it in you, in your children, and those around you, and also the many wonderful benefits of this spiritual discipline.

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