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Too much perfume on the elevator…..

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Written by Christi Haag

For the most part, I am pretty easy going. I don’t have a lot of pet peeves except for no see’um bugs, backtracking, too much perfume in an elevator and such. But I will tell you what makes me weep….a hungry child! I can’t stand it! It makes me crazy! I am sooooo excited to share that we (Florida Baptist Children’s Homes) are on target to provide more than 5,000,000, yes that’s 5 million, meals this year both here and around the world! Our big new Harold Clark Compassion Center is literally located across from my backyard on our Lakeland Joe K. Blanton Campus. It is a constant cacophony of activity with trucks of food and produce coming in at all hours of the day and night. I LOVE to watch as precious families come to receive not only groceries and clothes, but also other free amazing services to help their families! THAT makes me smile!! In Matthew 25 the Lord tells us to be His hands and feet, not just His mouth. We are called to tangibly care for others with His love!

At the same time, I know that my 21 year old son, Brady, is half way around the world serving food to refugees from war torn countries. He is not only sharing physical food, more importantly he is sharing spiritual food to those who don’t know Jesus! If seeing a child hungry makes you crazy too, come join us in helping “One More Child”!

Meanwhile, spread the word….no one likes too much perfume on an elevator :)!

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