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“Sugar and spice and everything nice”, I wonder if the poet knew my daughter when he wrote that? Because she is that and oh, so much more!! My girl had a big weekend, she answered her Prince Charming with a resounding “yes” when he asked her to be his forever. So romantic and just like a fairy tale!! Then, the next day she had a birthday and her mom is remembering all the sweet things about this daughter of my heart.
I remember her birth, and the excitement of her adoring daddy and brother. I remember the way her brother prayed that she would be a girl and the way I PRAYED that if she was a boy the LORD would change her in my womb!!:)
I remember the cute lisp she had as a toddler and the endearing smile and the scrunch of her nose. I remember realizing that this girl child had a sobering gift of discernment, something her mother lacked. I remember her outrage about abortion and writing a paper in her Senior English class and her teacher making fun of her. She held her head high, my girl.
I remember walking into her room to put away laundry and seeing her with an open Bible and a journal, where did she learn that??? I remember seeing her Bible all marked up and written in. I remember walking out of that room praising Jesus for being so real to my girl.
LORD, what in the world did I do to deserve such a treasure? On my knees, head bowed, I humbly say, “Thank You.”
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray….

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